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How can I rotate a vector to another one, using VEX?


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Hi Masoud,

to blend orientations two orthogonal vectors are required for each point: one normal, one up. For this you could use the polyframe node or a cross() product.
maketransform() converts these vectors into a matrix that is to be turned into a quaternion().

matrix3 xform = maketransform(v@up, v@N);
vector4 orient = quaternion(xform);

slerp(), spherical linear interpolation, then blends between both orientations:

float blend = chf('blend');
vector4 orient_1 = point(0, 'orient', 1);
vector4 orient_2 = point(0, 'orient', 2);
p@orient = slerp(orient_1, orient_2, blend);



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Hi Konstantin;
Thank you for the reply.

Actually, I want to rotate scattered points' Normal to another direction (i.e. MyVector) using a blend amount.

At first, I tried the lerp() function but instead of rotation, it blends them.

Then I tried:

float angle = chf("Angle");
vector4 rot = quaternion(radians(angle), v@myVector);
v@N = qrotate(rot, @N);

But it rotates the Normal around "My-Vector"!


Here is an image of what I need:





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