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Viewport display issue


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Posting in case anybody has an idea on this weird camera display issue I have in the viewport? Have just installed version 19.0.455 and any camera I add displays like the below in the viewport. As I move around it flashes in and out but is always just lines and looks as if the icon for the camera has been stretched massively. Most of the time it isn't visible at all though. Had nothing like it in the 18.5 version I was running before.

Realise it's a bit esoteric but would love to fix it if I can.


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If you inherited all the 18.5 preferences and settings, it's possible something has gotten corrupted or broken. 

With Houdini closed, you can try renaming the Houdini 19 folder in your documents area (don't delete it outright).  That will force Houdini to create all default preferences and settings when you launch it.  A new Houdini 19 folder will be created and you can see if that helps.  If it fixes the problem, you can try selectively copying any custom scripts or settings over (which may then reveal what is breaking it).


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Thank you very much ryew, that was definitely worth a go but unfortunately didn't fix it. I did get 'Generating new icons... Done generating new icons.' output in the console but the viewport issue remained the same using just the default files generated from launching Houdini. I'll keep exploring.

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Cheers Sepu! Due to the GPU situation recently I have been using Intel onboard graphics ...which for the most part has been working surprisingly well!
I'll try a driver update, or if I'm really lucky just be able to pick up a RTX with a decent amount of vram soon.

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