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RBD issue: How can I bring them to stop?


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Hello guys,

In a simple RBD simulation, when I replace the "Ground Plane" collision DOP with my Collision-Box, the rigid body objects never stop moving! How can I bring them to stop?

(When I use the "Ground Plane" node, everything is ok!). I tried to use the " rbdautofreeze DOP", but it doesn't work.


Thanks for helping.



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Are you sure your collision box is set up properly? The default setting uses a convex hull operation to simplify the incoming collision geo. Normally that will create a solid box, so your objects (which are inside the solid box) are constantly intersecting with the collision geo creating a solve that is mathmatically impossible, creating jitter. Try setting the collision type from "convex hull" to concave.

Search "Houdini RBD jitter" for endless discussions of this. There's also a good masterclass that Jeff Wagner did a while back all on collisions that is very helpful.

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As Geoff suggested, your collision surface may not be setup correctly. They're probably bouncing around due to the gaps in your vdb supplied collider. Instead, model a box with some extruded thickness and supply that, not as a vdb, but as surface polygons. VDB colliders are for pyro and flip sims.

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