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primintinsic access in dops


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Is it possible to access primintrinsics in dops? I have Geometry wich is transformed by a sim. For the second rbd sim i want to make the geometry look at a particular direction. For example to its original direction. So I deleted all Attributes from the first sim to prevent side effects and connected it in to the second sim.

To make it look to a direction i want to use the poplookat node (target is direction) in dops. I enabled VEXpression. This is my VEXpression setup:

target = {1,0,0};
refdir = v@xdir;

up = {0,1,0};
refup = v@ydir;

Now i need the original X direction and the Y direction from my Geo.


I could convert the primintrinsic "transform" matrix to the directions, but somehow it is not possible to do that in dops.


is there any solution?

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21 hours ago, Varaya said:

Is it possible to access primintrinsics in dops?

@Varaya Packed geometry already give you primintrinsics ... in dops using particles you can access those ..Please post your file and some one with more experiences can help you ..


//geometry wranG popforce

f@age += @TimeInc;
int i = chi('activate');
if (i == 1) {

//measure distance between point and rest
vector p1 = point(0,"P", @ptnum);
vector p2 = point(1,"P", @ptnum);
vector pivot = primintrinsic(1,"pivot", @primnum);
setprimintrinsic(0, "pivot", @primnum, pivot, "set");
float dist = distance(p1,p2);

if (dist < (1+@age/3)) {
    //set mix value
    float mix = .1;
    f@mix += mix;
    // blend transformation matrix
    matrix m1 = getpackedtransform(0, @primnum);
    matrix m2 = getpackedtransform(1, @primnum);
    matrix m3 = slerp(m1,m2,mix);
    setpackedtransform(0,@primnum, m3);
    //deactivate stuff
    if (dist < .3) @active = 0;
    if (@mix > 5) @group_ignore = 1;




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