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Can chramp shape be animated / controlled by a audio (spectrum chop)

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How can we control the shape of a chramp (created in a point wrangle) with a spectrum chop and therefore animate the shape?

I already posted a question related to this, but maybe it was worded confusingly or seemed difficult..as no one answered.

So I am asking generally, alternative solutions are welcome.




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@crispr_boi here you have 3 ex ..for one of them you must have HMT..Have fun and post your final result.:rolleyes:



and you get some answer elsewhere

with spare parm


import random 

node = hou.node("../pointwrangle1") # has a ramp spare parameter called "r" on it
geo = node.geometry()

random.seed(hou.frame() + 123)
a = random.uniform(0, 1) # get your chop value here somehow

r0 = node.parmTuple("r1value")

random.seed(hou.frame() + 456)
b = random.uniform(0, 1)

r1 = node.parmTuple("r2value")


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So, I installed the HMT toolset, it seems like I can create the HMT nodes without issues.

But when opening your file, everything on the left in "do operation with standard point attributes" does not cook, because of errors.

So the example on the left doesn't work for me.


And the examples on the right seem to work well, but I am not good enough to understand it and combine it my setup, I'm afraid.

I appreciate your help Tesan, but your setup is too advanced or confusing for me to combine with my setup, sorry.

One day..


Is this VEX code in your post somewhere in the file? I couldn't find it..

Would you tell me where it is, or where you find it and what it does?

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forgot something
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