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[SOLVED] Point Deform with heavily distorted result

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I'm breaking a tree with bunch of branches.

So everything work fine with RBD and I manage to create bone for each branch then stick them to the animated rigid mesh.

But when I use point deform to deform the original mesh with the bones then I get a heavily distorted result

I checked multiple times with attributes and I'm pretty sure the values are matched.

I google for weeks and can't get around it.

This is the file. I think this amount is enough but if not I can update it right away.

I hope someone can point out where did you do wrong.

Thank you for reading this.




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forgot to upload hip file
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18 hours ago, Benyee said:

the mismatch of nameB on branch tips,
so simply modified it,check pinky nodes;

yes, rebuilding the nameB to make them match in you original file could be better.

Omg thank you for pointing that out

And the debugging thinking part is invaluable 

Thank you so much for the hip file with the help note


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