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model sliced vegetables procedurally


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Hi there,

Does anyone have a way to model sliced vegetables procedurally in Houdini?  Things like pieces of lettuce, sliced tomatoes and pickles - the sort of things you put on sandwiches, etc.  Basically I'd like to make a Hamburger with all the fixings :D

I'm coming from Maya where it's pretty much all done manually and I haven't found any food-related modeling posts in the forum here to get any tips from.

Thanks for any pointers you can give me!



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Thank you for the link, @Atom.  The sped up timelapse does help give me some kind of idea on how I can approach it in Houdini.  Right now, I guess my biggest question is whether to try doing it in Houdini or just go back to Maya where it seems more straightforward.  I'll have to experiment I guess, and maybe try the quad remesher he mentions in the video.

Thanks for the tip, @bentraje, I was really just looking for modeling things already sliced, but the slicing tools do create some more possibilities.  Interesting!

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@ghoshix I would use Volumes to make those vegetables 

use some of those spirals

The Archimedean spiral:
The hyperbolic spiral:
Fermat's spiral:
The lituus:
The logarithmic spiral:
The Cornu spiral or clothoid.
The Fibonacci spiral and golden spiral.

convert to volume with some pscale on points to make some randomization width, then use deform tools-> to regular circle with some trigonometry Functions and noise (use Qlib), then you only need to use Lattice from volume that give you slice's on y that its easy to model if you have points ....

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