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Lattice Deformer / Cube Deform for modular modeling


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hi, im building a modular setup. I want to have wall modules on the lines with that slope. In order to make them fit to a tower module its not enough to simply orient them. I need them to be deformed to make them fit. The first attempt was to apply a point deformer. But that result was inaccurate and not really working. The Lattice deformer seems to work only if the deformer is having a minimum res of 3*3*3 divisions. What i need is a working Lattice Deformer in the form of a cube without divisions. It is possible in maya very simply. But in Houdini the result looks like something is broken. Am I missing something obvious? 



modul deformation.png

lattice deform.png

maya lattice.png


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There are several things. It seems that, that the lattice deformer only accepts cubes, where the primitives are polylines (and not polygons), but not only this, the points have to be sorted in a specific order, which is automatically the case, if you choose divisions on. The other thing is (what animatrix said), that the divisions of cube must match the divisions of the lattice deformer. If you want the normals you can transfer them from another cube for example.



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