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How to delete meshes with open holes


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Hey I have an kinda easy problem, but couldn´t find a quick solution to it.

I have scattered lots of spheres to a surface but had to delete some points, now I´m left with some spheres which have holes.

How can i delete those? Polydoctor wasn´t the one for me, I want to get rid of them completly.

Screenshot 2022-11-25 024102.png

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On 12/24/2022 at 6:12 PM, CinnamonMetal said:

I have a group node with unshared edges toggled on. Although, how can I delete not the unshared edges but the rest while keeping the unshared edges ?

Labs has an "edgegroup_to_curve" SOP you can use to extract edge groups. Alternatively, check out the Dissolve and Convert Line SOPs.

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