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How to get exactly the same colors in render as in original image? ( in REDSHIFT )


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I want to receive same output as input of my texture image. I tried several options saving different formats, or changing texture color space. But as you can see in attatched 'results.png' file, colors doesn't match.

A scene has a camera facing a box. Material has only a texture set to emission channel, diffuse and reflection weights are set to 0.
The closest result would be AdobeRGB PNG16bit, but still greens and reds doesnt look the same.

Why is that and how to achieve same output image as input?





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My guess is that is the results of ACES color management mangling your output. The simplest fix is just use Karma, which seems to render a 1:1 color result when you specify 8-bit PNG. ACES is intended only for 16 bit half-float EXRs. When rendering to a format other than that, ACES becomes a "looks" package, changing 8-bit output.



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