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How can I animate the amount of the "shape match" constraint property?


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Hi Atom,

Do you mean I have to put this in the "VEXpression" part of the "Vellum Constraint Properties"?
Actually, I would like to animate it by keyframes...

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Before the mesh becomes cloth, drop down a point wrangle. Add a float value to the interface. Place your keyframes there.

f@my_attrib_name = chf("animate_me");

After the wrangle, drop down a NULL named OUT_ATTRIBS.

Dive into the solver to configure the vellumconstraintproperties. On the inputs tab change one of the non-used inputs to fetch from sop, OUT_ATTRIBS.

Then it's just a vex transfer of the animated value to the attribute you want to drive.

float my_animated_value = point(1,"my_attrib_name",@ptnum);
stiffness = my_animated_value;

Don't forget to turn on the check box for the Stiffness value so the code can overwrite it.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you Atom, but should I add "@type=pressure" in the group tab !?

And, I don't know why the results are not the same, when I modify the stiffness parameter in the ShapeMatch node, and when I overwrite it by the  VEXpression using vellumconstraintpropertiese !! :wacko:

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