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Inside the Vellum Solver, how can I retrieve the stretch value?


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Hi guys,

In a Vellum sim, and inside the Vellum-Solver, how can retrieve values like the stretch amount (as an attribute), to drive something based on it (using in POP, or Geometry Wrangle)?

I would like, for say, to stop the "Attach to Geometry", if a Vellum string have been stretched more that a value. I don't want to use breaking threshold workflow...


Thanks for helping.


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Hello Masoud, 

Just a guess, did you try to play with "Vellum Constraints Properties" in the vellum solver ?
You can output a group from your constraint node


Then, apply constraints properties for this group


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Posted (edited)

Hi Fakit, it doesn't work.

When you add a "Vellum Post-Process", it creates all attributes that I need, but I need to create the same attributes inside the solver to drive the things...

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It looks like a custom function inside the Vellum Object. Unlock those HDAs and poke around.

You could try taking the code and placing it inside a GeometryWrangle running over primitives bound to the constraint geometry.


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