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Simulation on Animated Curve (Vellum Hair)


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55 minutes ago, gregjenings said:

I would highly appreciate it if anyone can let me know How can I apply simulation on an animated curve?
Can I have a ramp to control the simulation and animation part divide along the curve from root to tip, if yes How can I achieve it?

I'm not sure what you trying to do to, but maybe this ?
You can controll attach to geometry constraint stifness, to control how much you want your sim curve to behave like original anim curve
Also you can pin specific points, not all of them aswell
Plenty ways to have guide curve to control simulation curve tbh


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Thank you Zunder for your file , unfortunately I am looking something different, I want to conrol the constrain position through ramp so that I can also get smooth transisitioning effect.
In Maya we usually use input curve attract with hair and result transitioning is not only easily controlled but also gives a smooth transition as per ramp position. 

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So, I don't know How better I can explain it in Houdini terms, but I guess the attached file might give you some sense of what I am trying to achieve.

I have tried to expand group using slider but not only it works in unidirectional manner but It didn't give me much control and smooth transition I would like it to have. The slider works in steps, I would like to replace the slider with a ramp which can work in both directions, and I can easily control the transition from any position throughout the curve. 


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Thank you Tesan Srdjan you understood correctly what I was trying to achieve unforunately I don't have much expertise in VEX. Could you please explain how it works and provide more details on how to implement it in the network ?
If feasible, could you upload example file for my better understanding ? Additionally, I would like to confirm if your curve is already animated, and you perform the simulation on top of it?

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