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point() function doesn´t work inside a dopnet with flipsolver

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Hey simple question, 

I have a DOP network with a basic flipsetup and a popwrangle with the code, which should basically give the same values for posA and posB

v@posA = point(0, "P", @ptnum);
v@posB = @P;

However if i got to the SOP level only posB has the right values, posA always has a value of 0. Doesn´t the point() function work with flipsetups?

Btw. this is just a test popwrangle the actual code is more complex and that´s why i need the point() function.



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Think about it, you're supplying a volume source which is a single point, thus @ptnum will always be zero. Use the inputs tabs to configure what input source you wish to manipulate. That's basically the wrong input. Try connecting your popwrangle to input 2 of the solver.

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In DOP land the OpInput index need to be specified. Go to inputs tab of your dop/popwrangle and determine who is input 0,1,2 or 3. To mimic the behaviour in sop land, set input 0 to myself. Use and keep id attribute religiously. It'll save you from re simming.

Also with Flip, get the habit of putting - Point related maniputation - into the second input of Flip Solver, and all - Volume related maniputation - into the Third Input of Flip Solver to ensure it does what you want it to.

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