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Subdivision level Solaris

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Hello everyone :) 

For my work, I need to have precise control over subdivision, so Solaris dicing is not an option for me. I model bottles containing several elements and I need, for example, that the glass has 3 level of subdivision, the label 2 level of subdivision etc etc.

I still work with "sop import" to import my model to solaris, but I saw that with the "scene import" there was an option, to set subdivision scheme to match object parameter.

So I tell myself that there must be an attribute or something that I could import into solaris in order to manage my level of subdivision in catmull clark...

Any ideas?

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The auto-generated subtitles are somewhat useful if that helps (can't help with not having the right link, but still).  Unfortunately a lot of  knowledge the online community faces similar linguistic hurdles but as time goes on, perhaps things like auto-translation will make this much less of a problem. 

Regardless, perhaps post the same question to the SideFX forums where their staff reads more of, they may have a quicker answer for you

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It's going to depend on your renderer. My understanding is that Karma does not support discrete subdivision levels. You can use an "edit mesh" LOP to set the subdivision scheme (off, catmull-clark, loop, etc), but Karma determines subdivision level based on your render settings. I believe it uses shading quality and dicing settings to determine, based on the screen space of each object, how much it needs to subdivide each object (as long as that object has a subdivision scheme, obviously) to achieve a given quality.

So subdivision level is handled internally by the renderer. As far as I know, there is no way to manually set render time subdivision levels.

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