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Pilot light sim


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Dear OD Forcers,


I am attempting to make a pilot light for a kind of flamethrower for a shot I am doing.


Upon Googling, someone said don't use Pyro, do it all in SOPS: but I went ahead and managed to get, I dunno(?), a half decent sim [there are other reasons I want a sim but that's another matter].


I want to render everything in XPU in Karma and looking at blowtorches for reference I see that what I need (am missing) is the kind of bright, variously coloured cones at the beginning of the flame.


I am imagining I can get this with banded ramps in the fire part of the pyro shaders.


However I am struggling. Any advice or tips?


Also the XPU pyro preview node seems to not have a ramp in the fire part. Do I have to crack it open to fix this? Because I cannot see how.


My .hip is attached.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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