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vellum hair projectile 30s tutorial on youtube - how?!

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hi all, lonnnng time no see!  I've not had chance to get on here much :/  I've been working an awful lot and busy animating for various bits n bobs and then my own stuff.  I had a twiddle on this last night and thought i'd ask to see if someone can help get it working ?

so i've been trying to get this 30s vellum hair projectile tutorial to work.  I've tried to carefully follow along it as best i could... but it really does seem like theres a few steps missing...

I have attached my hip file if someone could see where i went wrong?

this is the yt video for anyone wondering...



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ok i've done a little boob... i'm using the incorrect thingy on the start/end of these lines (no idea what its called)... i was using the one below the @ symbol on my keyboard.... whereas i should be using the one top left of my keyboard just below my escape key.

I now have "something" sort of working... my lines emit... and appear to stick to the wall... but they dont pin to the original start point and shoot out to stick to the wall.



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hmmm thanks @Librarian - i'm not sure that is the same thing though - it appears that its spawning the vellum strings and they are dropping down.  i'm looking to get the ends of each string to stick to a surface after spawning.  The scene i included is what i tried to follow as close as possible to the 30s video but its missing something and i cant figure out what :/

I'd tag Matt Estrela as the 30s video is part of his discord i think - but i think he gets annoyed with being tagged.

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On 5/17/2024 at 10:13 AM, Librarian said:

In that file you have more control and more art control , here its file that you have issues

vellum_hair_.hipnc 536.17 kB · 3 downloads

@Librarian - this pretty much worked thankyou - i hadn't set up the endGRP inside the vellum solver it seems.

made a little gif... i've got the lines spawning and sticking to a surface.. i wanted the start points of each line to stick to the ball... so i turned on "match animation" ...it appears to follow but doesn't really stick in the way i had thought. almost like the start point for each line is just sticking to the same one point.  Any thoughts ?

I can live without it  - its still fun lol



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On 5/18/2024 at 5:38 PM, hannes603 said:

 might not help, but here is , what i used for a similar setup.


image.png.7ab742c8334e635f82d6f3c5cc2150c6.png cableVellum.hip 655.1 kB · 5 downloads

holy hell - that is pretty much perfect but my gods man - that network... i'm lost lol!!!!  Definitely some R&D homework for me there!

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