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challenge: FoRest gump...

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another challenge....

the spec: come up with a system that would allow to plant trees (or whatever) on any surface, and use an offset control surface to define the scale of the objects....it would allow for interactive and procedural modelling, shaping the control surface would impact the copied obj...

(hint, whenever the control surface intersects and goes below the base surf, the trees should disappear....)

it would be nice if it was robust enough to plug any poly surface as a support surface and still work...

erm...in confusion, look at the pics :)

have fun!


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nice! :)

well done!

I just realized, comapring your pics to mine, that there is a hint hidden in my pictures! he he he... erm....intentionally...of...course :)

Actually your solution is more interesting because you use a lower-res mesh to control a high-res template!....

one tiny thing, try to fit the trees to exactly match the distance between the base and the control surf (ie: trunks at the base and peaks at the control surf)...but at this stage it's an nitpick!

Cool man, well done!

guess we'll wait for a couple more posts before sharing the joy..

c'mon guys!

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Thats not bad at all, well done.

I see your trees scale only in y, not uniformly like the rest of ours. (An easy fix)

Unless we get another entry (DaJuice?betty?), we're almost ready to present our solutions. What do you think?


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No entry from me, the monitor on my workstation is dead, so I can't do any 3d for a while.

I don't think I'd figure it out anyways. I'm a total noob compared to everyone else here when it comes to the meat of Houdini.

Gotta hit those tutorials. :D

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