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little feather simulation


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this is the topic to the modelprocess of the feather (notfinished)


no i`d like to do a littel simulation using a popnetwork after copying the feather...

problem is when my root ore skinobject, where the fur is geneated from, is moved by any kind of simulation (pop`s ore rbd) the thing does not work.

only the skinobject without the fur is affected.

when i do it manually ... simply transforming the skingeo by keyframes it works fine ...(after parenting the skin and furobject together in scene level)

so the fur simulation itself for the original object works....

may you can give me a little hint for a woking setup


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can you post a little test file?

and have you looked at this:


I think it also depends at what scale this feather is going to be. If its on a bird with thousands of other feathers or floating in the distance then you could probably just run some noise through it using a VOP SOP. Is it a close up where you need full dynamics?

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