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(Novice) Align a selection to point

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Very simple operation required:  I need to align all points to the vertical axis occupied by a single point.


(align points to the vertical axis of the point highlighted)


There has to be a simple method for this. 


Thanks in advance

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adrianr    34

When you say vertical axis do you mean the y component of the point position? If so you could do something like, 

vector pos = point(0,"P",200);

@P.y = pos.y;

That will get the position of point 200, store it in pos, and then set the y component of every point of the run over geometry to the same y component as the found point. You could of course do any combination of vector components. 




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dedeks3000    21

Use an edit sop node ,

select your reference point (the yellow one)with the handle tool , copy the pivot location(let's say x), select the  points you want to align , revert to default the pivots values (000) , paste tour previous value and scale to 0 in the right axe, commit at the end


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Noobini    82

my guess is you are modelling some sort of 'character' head...and you want to model only half then mirror later...therefore when you say align all points...I think you meant all those 'border' nearest to the 'center'....if you flatten ALL points...well that would be silly.....and so I come to the conclusion that you want to line up in X axis...

So in sample scene, you can see I've used the Delete to select my guide point (ie. delete all the rest except the guide point), then I select the border, only these points would be affected (realigned)....then it reassigns the x component...if you want to align on y or z, then simply change where you see 'x' to whatever you want.

Why did I do it this way ? well I wanted to test out multi statements in VEXpressions anyway, thanks to f1480187...

If you were asking about interactivity in viewport, ie. points snapping...then I'm not experienced enough to answer...maybe some guru can.

(and no I deliberately didn't have my 'hole' at 0 as you would with symmetry modelling, coz it would be far too easy to set the points to x=0)

EDIT: there's something about flatten to c-plane...could be worth checking out...


Edited by Noobini

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8BitBeard    0

Very simple solution is:


  • Select all the points you want to align (edge loop selection hold "A" + middle mouse button)
  • Create a group from these points / edges
  • Add a transform for the group
  • Scale the axis you want to flattem them to 0

Now all your points are aligned with each other, next step would be to align the group to the point you want them to align to. 

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