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Found 18 results

  1. I am using "Face" to get a uv texture because it works perfectly for my purpose but some of them are rotated. How can I get face uvs aligned with Y axis, vertically oriented?
  2. Now you can align multiple objects with Aligner like in 3ds max. Just select object or objects, press button and select the target. https://gumroad.com/l/Aligner Installation: 1. Create new shelf 2. Add new shelf tool 3. Copy and paste script from aligner.py 4. Edit ui_file path to the file aligner_gui.ui P.S. Asign the tool on Shift+A hotkey. Enjoy!
  3. Hi, I'm struggling for some....time with this crazy align to object. I created a Polygon tube. Add normals. I put a montain on it. I scattered it. I copy point it with my plane. And the disaster is that with or without mountain, they are not align to the grid. I look at a hundred subject on that kind of problem, but I didn't find the solution. So I tried to start from a plane that I bended as a circle.. but still the same. Could you help me on this ? The idea, which is not mine is to try to do something like this. Thaks
  4. Hey there! i’m new to python and scripting in general. I’m looking for python script that could align transform handles just like it exists with ‘M’ hotkey in the viewport. But rather than cycling through all possible options with M shortcut i’d prefer to be able to choose desired one with script. thanks for any help! Mikhail
  5. Hi Guys, I have a number of nodes within OBJ level. Could anyone help me out with aligning selected nodes and aranged within Network Box? Python script. Thank you !
  6. Hi guys I'm trying to get the align node to just put the current loop name in the 'Align To' box. So into the 2nd algin input is the same geo named the same as teh first input so if I just type a name e.g. BACK in the it all works fine! So I need the 'Align To' to just either read the name attrib of the current loop or the value of the metadata which reads the name. Sadly, name, @name, detail(-1,"value",0); (with the extra input) & I've linked to the meta node without the extra input but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. Hello; I would like to align several geometries ( Vertically/Horizontally to Center/Top/Bottom/...) in view port like other 3d packages, but I can't find any useful tool. The only things I found are: "Align Geometry node " which aligns a group of primitives to each other (in SOP context) : https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/sop/align.html and "Align Components shelf tool " which transforms an object, or inserts a Transform node in a geometry network, to align two faces on separate models. : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/aligncomponents.html But these are not what I want. Thanks for helping.
  8. Hello, I'm working on a school project and I need to align a curve to the end of a line both in position and rotation. My goal is to be able to create a curve, anywhere in the scene, and snap the start of the said curve (point 0) to the end of the line. The end of the line is extracted with a carve node on the line itself, so nothing complicated here. So far, I've been able to simply copy the curve onto the end of the line, but it only work with the position of the curve, not the rotation. It's important to note that I purposely created the curve in -Z axis. I know it will work if my curve is properly aligned in the Z axis, but I want my asset to be the most fail-safe possible. That said, It would be very appreciated if someone could help me with this issue. There is a attachment showing my current network and what it looks like in the Scene View. Thank you !
  9. I am trying to make a setup where I align an object orthographically and then after I do my operations move the result back to the original position. I have a working way for aligning but am sure there must be an easier way... My method for aligning now: - Create oriented bbox - Measure prims - delete all but largest, then delete 1 of the largest in order to just have 1 rectangle, 4 points - make a vector from point 0 to 1 to align with x - make a vector from 0 to 2 to align with y - make normals to align with z - in vops use the align vop to align the 0 1 vector to x then use the (rotated) normals to align with z Even though this works I assume (hope) there is a better way to find the vectors, using pointnumbers is not procedural enough imho so any tips here would be great. But then the part I can't seem to get... How do I rotate my result back to the original position? there must be a way to store the rotations and invert these or something but everything i tried didin't work. my vectormath and matrices could def use some work. ofcourse i can use a point deform but that would not be accurate enough plus i am 00% sure there must be a way to invert what i did in the first vop. Thanks!
  10. Very simple operation required: I need to align all points to the vertical axis occupied by a single point. (align points to the vertical axis of the point highlighted) There has to be a simple method for this. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, i am trying to calculate angle and axis between two vectors, using the Align VOP.. I has an option to export 'Angle Axis' - its help card says: "This operator computes a matrix representing the rotation around the axes normal to two vectors (their cross product), by the angle which is between the two vectors. The resulting matrix maps the first vector onto the second. If both vectors have the same direction, the result will be an identity matrix. If the vectors are opposed, the rotation is undefined. This can also output a quaternion representation of the transformation rather than matrix." What does it mean? In the attached scene, i have an open circle which have some normals. Next i am trying to calculate the angle/axis between the normal an up vector, but the angles i get from the Align doesn't make any sense. Cheer -k angle.hipnc
  12. I am trying to mimic a rail spline like you would use in Cinema4D. Essentially I would like each point normal to look at the point with the same index on another curve. From what I've found on getting a direction from two vectors is to simply subtract B from A. However, this does not seem to be the case. (See attached file) Is there more to it than simply subtraction? Align_Normal.hip
  13. Hi EVERYONE : Maybe this tutorial is not very short, watch it completely, i am sure that you find new stuff about matrix and you will learn new technique .Hope you find it useful !!! Hossam Aldin Alaliwi more training here : www.hossamfx.org
  14. Hey guys! Does anyone knows how could I align 2 polygons and then somehow access those angle values so I could reference it on another transform node. because using just align node, I can`t any attributes form it. I added some screen shots so you get what I`m doing. Basically I have 2 characters. One in rest position and other one animated. The animated one changes through out the shots. So i deleted out 1 polygon from each of them and by comparing them I could transform rest position to match first frame of animation. with position it`s no problem I just use centroid expression, but I`m stuck with rotation. I thought this one approach worked with attribute wrangle: vector n1 = prim_normal(0, 0, 0.5, 0.5); vector n2 = prim_normal(1, 0, 0.5, 0.5); matrix3 rot_matrix = dihedral(n1, n2); @P *= rot_matrix; vector rotate = cracktransform(0,0,1,@P,rot_matrix); v@out = rotate; Where I compare normals, But I discovered that if angle difference is quite big it does not work. Basically I would like to do what align node does, but through vex or vops, so I could get some usable attributes out. Thank you
  15. Hey everyone, I originally started this thread on the sidefx forums here, but I'm still stuck on how to proceed with this effect. My initial goal is to get particles flocking by color. Once I have that figured out, I need the particles to also flock around a goal geometry so they can take its shape. In the end I'd like to have blobs of colored particles oozing/crawling around the geometry's surface. I've done some research on flocking concepts, so I know that I need to create alignment, repulsion, and attraction forces to manipulate the particles, I'm just stumped on how to execute the concepts in Houdini. I have the cmivfx tutorial on flocking, but it looks like some of the SOPs have changed with the years... preventing me from finishing the tutorial In my previous thread I was introduced to the pop steer nodes, but they're lacking sufficient documentation/example scenes so I'm having trouble getting started with them. I think using those nodes with VEX would be the best way to do this, but I'm open to anything to get me started! Thanks! Mike color_and_shape_flocking.hiplc
  16. Hello, I have seen some really helpful examples of how to orient primitives along a curve with the CopySop but unfortunately in my setup I won't be able to use the CopySop (example scene is a quick mock up). How would you orient the individual layers along the guide curve? I have the tangent's from the guide curve and have tried to align the layers to this, but with now luck. I would really appreciate some ideas on this. Thanks orient_along_curve_101.hip
  17. Hey all, I'm playing with Pop to create a confettis setup. I had some difficulty to figure out how to make particles align to the collider object when they hit. I did some test with a vop pop and playing with orient attribute but I had problem mixing 2 orientation together, the vop node is still there but inactive. I've linked a scene so if someone can have a look, that could be nice. Thanks Doum Confettis_falling.hipnc
  18. Hi guys! I want to align instances (scaled boxes in this exaple) in a way that they follow the orientation of the edges of the template geometry. I have defined the "rot" and "orient" point parameters needed by the copy sop but something goes wrong with edgeflow vectors that I get from the Polyframe node (pic1). And this causes the irregularity you see at pics 2 and 3. Is there way to fix this somehow? Or maybe an alternative way to obtain the edgeflow vectors? Thanks! Instances Aligned to edge flow 2.hipnc
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