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Found 5 results

  1. Beer Pour with Emitters

    I am looking to create a carbonated liquid that when poured into a container, in this case a cup, bubbles up and develops foam on the surface. My current workflow is I create in Houdini then export as alembic to cinema 4d and render with octane. The past couple days I have tried a variety of methods but none of them seem to work. Right now I have a sphere that I have converted to two different volume sources that emit two different liquids, one having a larger density than the other. I then place each flip object in its own dop io and create geometry, however, the two liquids do not seem to collide at all in the finished product and render identically. Does anybody have any advice on how I can achieve this effect? Or just better workflow advice in general as I am new to Houdini. Thanks!
  2. Why no beer tutorial?

    Hello. I've been researching this area for a long time. There seems to be almost no info on how to simulate beer in houdini. Why? Is this like a secret? Or is it becouse it's actually very easy to do? Is there any paid tutorial on how to simulate beer in houdini? If not, can anybody make one? How much would such a tutorial cost?
  3. Bottle pour into glass.

    Beginner houdini user here. Trying to learn small scale simulations has been a struggle so far. It's been far from a logical journey so far i must say. The simulation i am working on is a bottle of beer poured into a glass and then the bottle is set down on again. With lots of iterations i have managed to get the first state of the pour to a good look i think. however i know want to set the bottle down again and that is when things start to get funky. The flip particles seems to increase in velocity when moving the bottle back and down again, resulting in them spraying out in control upwards. I have no idea what is going on and why, been trying different settings for quite some time now so if someone has a pointer in the right direction that would be awesome! Attaching a compressed scene file with all the geo and also a flipbook of it. beerpour.rar beerpour_v008.mov
  4. Gently wobbling fluid and foam

    Hi. I'm new to Houdini and wondering how would you guys approach something like this the simplest way: Wobbly fluid example I don't necessarily think that flip is needed for this. Maybe there is a much easier way (like animated booleans) but the foam part is what concerns me. The example looks like it is a texture but I'm not sure if live booleans can have UVs. Anyway I'm just thinking out loud. Any ideas would be highly appreciated. Thanks! wobbly_fluid.mp4
  5. There's a donate button on his page Vimeo link if you're feeling community-minded. I don't know the guy but I feel like I owe him a bottle of scotch or something for the tutorials. -k