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Found 8 results

  1. Boolean tool problem

    Hello everybody, I have a problem with the boolean tool. I have a cube and a font. I want the font to be inside the cube, but in the form of a hole. First I tried to subtract the font from the cube with the boolean node, but that didn't work, so tried to fracture the cube with the voronoi node first and then added a boolean node, but that didn't work either. Does anyone know a solution for this or can help me? Thanks in advance! This is what I want to achieve: This is my attempt with the voronoi fracture: This is my node tree: These are my parameters:
  2. Export RBD Inside/Outside groups to Maya

    Hi there, I'm working on a project where I need to import in Maya from Houdini an RBD simulation of a collapsing tower. I will project a texture on the outside of the tower and assign another material to the inside of the fracture. For this reason I need both the groups separated in Maya (with their UVs). How can I do that? I've tried exporting as Alembic but the sim in Maya appears as a unique object. I would really appreciate if someone can share a nice workflow for that. Cheers! Albus
  3. Hi, Just a stupid question but, how to add this primitive to the group. Thank you odforcegrque.hipnc
  4. Particles collide inside a mesh

    Hello everyone,Sorry for the basic question but I just want to emit some bouncing balls inside a mesh with Houdini 15.5. To create that I just create a source particle emitter and I put it inside my collider mesh. I make the mesh a static object and increase the uniform division and click on invert sign in the static object node. But when I launch the simulation the particles have a very strange behavior. If anyone have some idea to achieve this.Thank you for your response. animation_particles_gpe_v003.hip
  5. Hello guys ! I'm always training myself in Voronoi fracture with Houdini. Now I have another problem ^^" I have a mesh with a shell, and the Voronoi fracture understand that. But not with all pieces. I have weird inside mesh added in a few pieces and I don't know why :/ I tweak the random seed in Voronoi fracture points sop but I always have one or two piece with weird inside polygons :/ Thanks
  6. Collisions inside mesh

    This is a extremely basic question so i'm sure i'm being an idiot but how do you make RBD objects (or RBD packed objects) collide with the inside of a mesh as opposed to the outside? I thought it would be as simple as enabling "invert sign" on the static container object but it doesnt seem to work! What am I doing wrong here?? My complex scene is attached! interior_collisions.hip
  7. Hey, guys, i'm still new to houdini, so if my question is not suitable here, please just ignore that, and accept my apologies. Thanks. I am using maya for about 1 year. And 2 month ago, i want to check if houdini is my tool. So i downloaded and installed it, and then learn it from PQ channel(vimeo), official videos, and some tutorials i bought from cmivfx. They are all nice tutorials. I have learned how to wire nodes, how to build a house in sop, how to fire particles in pop etc. But, sometimes i'm so confused about how i can do things better, how i can use houdini to do stuff that others(like maya/c4d etc) cann't do. And that's why i know i should learn the houdini base stuff, like: What's inside POP? What's inside DOP? What's inside CHOP? What's inside SHOP? What's inside VOP? I have found a very good comment in . old school(jeff, right?) told us wha't inside sop, how things worked in sop node, that's what i want to know about. so anyone can continue on? like jeff's stuff in .Please show us what's inside the POPs, DOPs, CHOPs, SHOPs, VOPs... I am really appreciate! (ps: Thanks od, i have learned a lot stuff in here.)
  8. "inside" group

    Hey, I've been running through some tutorials to learn Houdini and I know this one's a little outdated, http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1846&Itemid=346 but I ran into a problem at the end. After outputting the crumbling columns as a geometry sequence he brings it back in as a file sop and runs it through a material sop, where he is able to call on the group "inside," to mean the inside surfaces of the columns as they are breaking. For me, under the group menu, it just says "no entries." After putting down a break sop before the material I did have the group "inside," but of course the break sop is not something I want in there. Thanks for any input! File attached. Lincoln columnsdestroyed.hipnc