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Found 5 results

  1. Hey there, I'm doing some RND on destroying a building with a force. And I'm wondering what's the best way of using constraints. Is glue used with minimal strength just for holding geo together and then using cone/hard constraints? And what about constraints between clusters? I believe the strength between clusters must be low and for the clusters really high, but do I have to use also cone over cluster constraints? Are cluster constraints even necessary if you use cone/hard? I'm just confused and can't decide how to use constraints properly. I would really appreciate if you guys can give me some tips on that.
  2. I've been asked to quote a job where we would be doing large scale building demolition vfx work. Basically 15 seconds of animation where an old shopping center is destroyed by explosive charges, falls to the ground + lots of smoke and dust. Then a new shopping center rises from the ashes. The animation will be merged with either aerial footage or ground based footage filmed on location. There will be two locations to destroy, so eventually this means 2x 15 second animations. We may have the possibility of drone captured aerial footage of the surrounding location and old shopping center. This may provide the options for photogrammetry reconstruction of the old shopping center. Also we should be able to get our hands on architect viz data, probably max or sketchup files for the new shopping center. I'm looking for some houdini help to run the destruction simulations and smoke effects. I'm a maya guy and need a talented houdini artist to help. If you have experience in this + a reel to show I'd love to take a look and talk.
  3. JFWfilms

    Plane Crash

    Hi, I'm new to Houdini, I'm trying to figure out how to create dynamics for a plane crash. I've played around with dynamics a little and i can't figure out how to fracture a moving object. I need to create a plane crash and have the wing fracture as it hits the ground and animate to the left Similar to this: Do you guys have any suggestions or tutorials you could direct me to? Thanks a lot!
  4. I'm working on a minor project for my reel and i would like to simulate a building demolition, something like a blast at one side of the building and the subsequent sides will crack according to weight. My idea was to create the cracks via 2 voronoi fracture with point nodes, one will take the blast debris and the other, the crack debris. However, when i tried to merge the 2 nodes together and use a voronoi fracture node on it, i am unable to get the top of the building split with the bottom of the building. I'm new to Houdini so I would like to know if i'm prefracturing the RBD object correctly? I have my working file attached here as well. Building.hipnc
  5. These are my Building Demolition simulation WIPs. Planned to do simulate More buildings to create similar effects from the movie "2012" Demolition Building01 V01 without smoke and debris https://vimeo.com/74058822
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