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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, i would like to procedurally do this bathroom wall, but i'm stucked.. I used for each loop but i can't get random edge for each wall of the room.. Thank you for help.
  2. Hi, i have a problem with glue constraints when I am doing second voronoi fracture. I dont know if this is an issue with pivot ? or something else. Can anyone help ? This one are correct, after first voronoi and then after for each loop I have this. I put in transform pivot tab $CEX,$CEY,$CEZ. Any help appreciate Thanks Mike glue_con_problem.hip
  3. I have a simple set up that is copying multiple files from a switch node into a copy to points loop and randomizing them. I would now like to export them out of Houdini so I can use them in my C4D Scene, however when I export them out they all come in as one object. Is it possible to export them out as one object, but when I open them in C4D they are split into sub objects by the file name I am using in Houdini? I have tried using an unpack node, but houdini is saying there isn't any packed geometry. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.
  4. Hello everybody This is my first post and it is about a topic which has been scratched over and over it seems... But after a lot of tutorials, searching and studying many threads here on odforce I cannot for the heck of it get my head around this and find a solution. In fact I was following a tutorial for HOU.14.x which brought me to this. But the For-loops have changed so I only managed to get this far. HOU.17.5.258 here. As the topic title says: "Tubes on terrain crawling through each other instead of over each other" is what I want to be happening. I tried to use a "creep", a "each" another "for each" to no avail. I would very much appreciate if someone could alter my attached file with the solution, so I can study that. Meanwhile, I`ll go on reading and trying to understand what is going on in my scene. Thank you very much in advance. CHeers. k_skinned_tubes_on_terrain_overlapping_0.hip
  5. I have a "for-each connected piece" loop and want to use SOP group to create a different group for each connected piece. How do I deal with the group name to make sure it's different for every connected piece?
  6. Ok so just when I thought I had got my head around for each loops, I am struggling to get a custom attribute into a transform. The attribute is certainly seen by the copy to points node. and when I try to detail it in the transform, it justs gives back a zero. I've tried by including the transform in the for each loop, with a block begin fetch input etc. Makes no difference. (Using the spare input and -1 tag instead of the "../iteration". I've tried all combinations of cases @ signs, $ signs and whatever else. The "global attributes" colour and the scale nodes work fine. effector_v003.hip
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