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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have, like others, some issues when try to install Arnold (python 2). I also have Redshift, so here is a part of my houdini.env : # htoa config start ARNOLD_PATH = "$PATH;C:/Users/Windows/htoa/htoa-${HOUDINI_VERSION}/scripts/bin" ARNOLD_HOU = "C:/Users/Windows/htoa/htoa-${HOUDINI_VERSION};&" # htoa config end # REDSHIFT REDSHIFT_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH" REDSHIFT_HOU = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/19.0.383;&" PATH = "${REDSHIFT_PATH};${ARNOLD_PATH};${PATH}" HOUDINI_PATH = "${REDSHIFT_HOU};${ARNOLD_HOU};&" I get some error in the console when loading Houdini : [metadata] loading metadata file: C:\Users\Windows\htoa\htoa-\htoa-\scripts\bin\arnold.mtd 00:00:00 768MB | [color_manager_ocio] default ocio.config found in C:\Users\Windows\htoa\htoa-\htoa-\scripts\bin\..\ocio\configs\arnold\config.ocio 00:00:00 768MB | loading plugins from C:\Users\Windows\htoa\htoa-\htoa-\scripts\bin\..\plugins ... 00:00:00 768MB | alembic_proc.dll: alembic uses Arnold 00:00:00 768MB | [metadata] loading metadata file: C:\Users\Windows\htoa\htoa-\htoa-\scripts\bin\..\plugins\alembic_proc.mtd 00:00:00 768MB | cryptomatte.dll: cryptomatte uses Arnold 00:00:00 768MB | cryptomatte.dll: cryptomatte_filter uses Arnold 00:00:00 768MB | cryptomatte.dll: cryptomatte_manifest_driver uses Arnold 00:00:00 768MB | [metadata] loading metadata file: C:\Users\Windows\htoa\htoa-\htoa-\scripts\bin\..\plugins\cryptomatte.mtd 00:00:00 768MB | htoa_mandelbulb_proc.dll: mandelbulb uses Arnold 00:00:00 768MB | [metadata] loading metadata file: C:\Users\Windows\htoa\htoa-\htoa-\scripts\bin\..\plugins\htoa_mandelbulb_proc.mtd 00:00:00 784MB | usd_proc.dll: usd uses Arnold 00:00:00 784MB | [metadata] loading metadata file: C:\Users\Windows\htoa\htoa-\htoa-\scripts\bin\..\plugins\usd_proc.mtd 00:00:00 784MB | loaded 6 plugins from 4 lib(s) in 0:00.09 00:00:00 766MB | unloading 4 plugins 00:00:00 766MB | closing alembic_proc.dll ... 00:00:00 766MB | closing cryptomatte.dll ... 00:00:00 766MB | closing htoa_mandelbulb_proc.dll ... 00:00:00 766MB | closing usd_proc.dll ... 00:00:00 763MB | unloading plugins done 00:00:00 763MB | Arnold shutdown In my htoa folder, I don't have the "script/bin/.../plugins" folder, the only plugins folder I have is in script folder. There is no subfolder in "bin". When I load Houdini, I have the Arnold renderer node, but the Property is empty. Thank you for your help !!!
  2. I finished my digital XR installation Hard Feelings with hard surfaced bodies made possible with Houdini. Huge thanks to @konstantin magnus who gave me the knowledge, and tools to create what I had in mind. The interactive version is available at: https://artsensation.untold.garden/
  3. Has anyone successfully installed the Houdini Engine on older versions of unreal? I am locked into Unreal Engine 2.24 to use the Carla Autonomous Driving Simulator with UE4. We are locked into this Unreal version until the Carla team updates to a current version. I have tried a few versions of Houdini Core to try to find matching versions on sideFX gitHub repo. The prebuilt versions will load into UE4 as a typical plugin but have no functionality or parameters when I bring in an otl. The otls is not the issue, i have tried a few from orbolt and I cannot sync to my version of Houdini. I have tried to build an older version from source and receive non descript errors while using runUAT.bat - following this tutorial: Any input or links to other resources would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Houdini on Linux can be downloaded as a .tar.gz file. When you extract that archive, it expands several more .tar.gz files which you can manually extract to wherever you want or you run the `houdini.install` file that Houdini-Linux comes with and Houdini builds to the /opt folder. These options make it really easy to put Houdini anywhere you need to on-disk. How do you install Houdini on Windows to a custom directory (like you can on Linux)? As far as I can see, The .exe file that Houdini-for-Windows ships with takes no optional arguments so you can't specify an install directory upfront. I have a couple (hacky) ideas of how this could be done but I would like to hear if anyone has experience with this and would share any insights gained. Ideally, I'm looking for a solution that is fully automated (requiring no manual user input) for the command-line if at all possible.
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