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Found 8 results

  1. Is it possible to render on one pc that has the 'supplementary' (not another, second indie license) license installed, while continuing to work on another shot (sim) on my main pc with the indie license ? That way i don’t lose time to wait to render and only to continue when its finished. Because as far as i understood the terms, with one Indie license there comes the supplementary license for use on second pc, but it states that only one indie can be run at the time - so is the solution for this to render using a command line tool? Also, does this work with 3rd party render engines?
  2. Hello, How delete Keys License Houdini in Linux? Windows 10 I know how to delete keys where to specify the file "C:\Windows\Keys\" but linux do not know how to delete keys.
  3. is possible to just copy paste a license file from one computer to another? or have to do the all the licensing process again?
  4. Hi, I've recently installed CentOS 7 on my 2nd SSD, so that I now dual boot Win 10 and CentOS 7. However, is there any way of utilizing my Indie license currently registered on my Windows partition? This should be possible, but SESI won't provide any information on this, as "it is not designed in that way". So if there's any geniuses who knows how to tackle this, I'd be happy to know! Cheers!
  5. Hi Guys, Last week on saturday, I installed Houdini 15.5 in my system. I followed entire process. I was successful in launching Houdini software. It was working fine. Next day when i tried opening software, It took me to the License Administrator window. Later it shows cannot connect to the license server. In server information tab, license server is not running. Manually enter keys option is also greyed out. Please help me guys what i have to do.
  6. Hi, I'm a member of FXPHD and therefore have access to their VPN, sometimes they unfortunately forget to renew Houdini licenses or something else, that results in no licenses. As I am also attending CG Spectrums Houdini course, that's a problem as I am now unable to work on a assignment due tomorrow. If I were to get the Indie license, would my old files still work? (.hipnc) As I see it, it would be a "downgrade" but way more stable in my situation as I won't suddenly be standing without a license. I do not render anything above 1920x1080. But still I will get no 3rd party rendering, .piclc instead of .pic, no Render description (.ifd) and only a single mantra token. Would this affect me somehow by changing to Indie? Also with Houdini Indie, is it possible to expand with a 2nd machine for rendering and simulating. Or would I need 1 more license for that? Cheers, Jonas Ps. Here you can compare the different versions. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=219&Itemid=382Education compared to Indie
  7. I got non-commercial hipnc file from internet, and I didn't realize that... so I work on non-commercial version and I save my commercial hipnc file. How can I solve this problem..
  8. Hello! I'm a little confused with my license. --- There are some questions: 1. What's going on? see picture! What does Access Mode: LOCKED ? Why is locked? What does Access Mode: LAL? How to return all of these licenses for new computer? Or How to clean this list? 2. Can I use a key of Houdini Apprentice HD, that I purchased for 12 version in 13 release?