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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! I've been playing with vellum and mange to run a simulation with 2 objects of different states, where the pig head is a hard solid object using vellum shape match and a squab which is a softer object using the vellum configure balloon. I simulated both low res geos using vellum pack/unpack through a single vellum solver. I know I would need to use extract transform on the low res pig head since it is suppose to emulate a hard/solid object. Whereas I would need to use point deform for the squab to transfer the vellum sim deformations from the low res geo to the high res squab geo. The part I'm trying to figure out is, how can I replace the high res pig head and squab back to their respective low res counterparts? Where should I be using the name attribute in my sim and how do I reference it back at the end? I've attached a hip file for reference. Low res to hi res Vellum Sim.hip Thanks in advance and am grateful for any help with this. Notes: I've noticed that the orient attribute is zeroed out in the vellum sim. I'm using MOPS replicate to create the instances of the pig head and squab.
  2. Hello. This is a question for Paul's best tutorial series. I would like to set up a Vellum and Falloff mechanism extracted from a GIF, but I have tried and tried without success and wonder how to accomplish this. I will upload a file in the process of using MOPS in case you are interested. Thank you in advance. vellumfalloff_failed.hiplc
  3. Hello everyone, I am thinking how to use mops to position the axis of the model to the corner of the model, then copy it to the center of the polygon, and rotate the corner axis 90 degrees, which node of mops is suitable to solve this problem? thanks
  4. Hey everyone, A new stable version of MOPs, v1.5, is now available. This encompasses a broad range of new features and bugfixes introduced since v1.4 last May. You can view the whole changelog and download the release here: https://github.com/toadstorm/MOPS/releases If you're new to MOPs and don't know what it's about, check out the Houdini HIVE presentation on MOPs from May 2020: Thanks to everyone who's helped out by submitting bugs, suggesting features, and of course buying MOPs+.
  5. Hello, I am trying to activate my vellum sim only where the falloff is located, in my scene I am using mops but I am not sure how could I achieve this. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I'm currently working on a procedural book model with controls to open/close it, flip through pages and whatnot. My issue is that I'm not sure how to bend the pages using MOPS. I'm really enjoying how easy they make any kind of transform operation relating to instancing of any kind, but I'm still learning how to make them deform geometry. I hope I don't have to switch to a Copy Stamp + Foreach Loop workflow, but if anyone has any feedback or thoughts, I'd love to hear them! I've attached a few renders and a video of my work in progress. D__Personal_Houdini_Book_0001.hiplc_-_Houdini_Indie_Limited-Commercial_18.0.532_2020-09-27_19-42-42.mp4
  7. Hello guys, i have a problem with MOPS and rbd. I made a basic box, fractured it and i added tired that rotating in transform node. Then I merge them all and add animation to move forward. Then i changeg the active attribute with mops. Everything looks okey until it comes to rbd. In rbd, there is no animation at all, but it takes the active data from mops; how can i merge animation and the sim ? I want the rbd start while it moves. mops_car_test.hip test[1-50].mp4 whathappens.mp4
  8. I'm playing around with the Mops toolkit, which is great, but weirdly the Spring Modifier, whilst effecting the falloff in the viewport and the timeline, doesn't effect anything when the scene is rendered. Tried several attempts, closed and opened Houdini several times, yet always the same result. It's as if there is no Spring Modifier being used. Anybody had this issue? Using Houdini 18.0.348 and the latest version of Mops. MOPS_basic.hiplc
  9. Hello all, Has anyone found a way to use the MOPs instancer, but have the instances not intersect? For example, a grid full of spheres, but they don't intersect. Thanks! T
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