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Found 16 results

  1. Hello I'm very new to Houdini does someone knows how to do this ? thank you very much I try many options but I didn't find the way !!!!
  2. Hi guys, I tried to use a "Ripple Solver" and everything is ok when I use it on a deforming grid object, but when I use a deforming tube, it doesn't work. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. Ripple Solver_01.hip
  3. Is there a way to position a bend modifier on a piece of geo that is also being bent so it is relative to that piece? I'm trying to make a procedural folding box but stuck on this overlapping part I position the first bend to be at the end of the first segment extrusion, the second bend at the end of the second segment extrusion If I change the bend amount of the first section the second part stays in it's original position. I can't see in the bend parameters anywhere to set this? I've tried searching for guides on this but most seem to be unfolding polygon objects, I'm not sure if this approach will work for this I'm using 18.5.351 Thanks in advance fold_out_01.hipnc
  4. Hi ! How to bend each curve in the direction from the center to the periphery at all points ?
  5. Hi; In a Copy Stamp SOP, I would like to pass different bend values to each copy of geometry, based on a point attribute. I don't know where should I place the "Bend SOP" ,and how to retrieve the values. Thanks for helping. Vary_Bend.hip
  6. Hi; I would like to apply taper in just one direction as you can see in the image below. How is it possible in Houdini? Thanks for helping.
  7. hi, I try to use vellum in order to create TreeFX. Then I took two tests with Lsystem, and vellumsolver with wind and standard gravity: 1 - apply polywire and vellumCloth. 2 - apply just vellumHair I set bend stiffness a very large number for the both tests, but branch still bend so much, cannot make stiff well. Setting more substep helps not to bend, but not enough. Does anyone succeed to control bend parameter very well? vellum_v0002.hipnc
  8. I'm currently working on a procedural book model with controls to open/close it, flip through pages and whatnot. My issue is that I'm not sure how to bend the pages using MOPS. I'm really enjoying how easy they make any kind of transform operation relating to instancing of any kind, but I'm still learning how to make them deform geometry. I hope I don't have to switch to a Copy Stamp + Foreach Loop workflow, but if anyone has any feedback or thoughts, I'd love to hear them! I've attached a few renders and a video of my work in progress. D__Personal_Houdini_Book_0001.hiplc_-_Houdini_Indie_Limited-Commercial_18.0.532_2020-09-27_19-42-42.mp4
  9. Hey magicians, I'm trying to model this cactus (crassula kimnachii) So far I have modeled a petal, bended, duplicated and transform in a foreach with metadata iteration for the scale and a sweep curveu to control the profile: My question is, I have the bend at the beginning of the node tree, and I need to access the bend scale on the foreach, to use with the iteration so is closed on the top and opened at the bottom. The bend got its own capture region so im having a hard time to play with this on the foreach, this is the way to go? or there's another alternative to make it closed on the top and opening on the bottom? Another test I did is using a curly curve (line with couple controls in vex), where I plugged the curly on the foreach and controls the opening with the metadata iteration: Any thoughts to approach this? Thanks!
  10. Hi; In "Bend" SOP, I would like to use a group name to bend some part of my geometry, but it doesn't show my group name, in the select group tab! Is this a bug? Thanks.
  11. Hi guys; I would like to control bend value of "Bend SOP", using an attribute, So I add a point attribute (called bend), but it doesn't works.
  12. Hello peeps, I'm trying to figure out something similar to some sort of ribbon setup in Houdini. Still, lots to do but right now I'm trying to work out rotations, I have twist working by itself such that if I twist the ribbon the bone rotates accordingly and bend working by itself as well, however, if I twist and bend the ribbon at the same time, the rotations become unstable. How can I fix this? Any help is much appreciated!!! Thanks. ribbon_setup_test_01.hip
  13. I need help with using the Bend feature in Houdini 16.5. I need to be able to bend a tube or cylinder-like structure in a couple of places. I have never used Houdini or any other 3D modeling software before. I know absolutely nothing about 3D modeling or associated software. If anyone can describe how to do this, I would really appreciate it. I have spent many hours searching tutorials and videos, but none of them are specific enough or they are too advanced for my skill level. Since I have no knowledge of how to model, please explain things as if you were trying to teach it to a monkey. Resources with extremely in depth tutorials for beginners is also appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey guys, I'm trying to create twisted stripes / tapes like on this picture. I'm a beginner and know how to create a stripe out of a curve, but how can I twist it in a certain area? Is there a way to make it procedural? Thank you very much
  15. The effect I am trying to achieve is straightforward. Imagine a single piece of flat geometry(blade of grass, sheet of paper) that is fastened on one end only and being blown (affected) by turbulent wind causing it to bend dynamically. I'm going thru Peter Quints DOP's video and looking at the documentation for Wind Force. Does this seem like a job for Cloth Object + FEM Solver? Thanks in advance for any feedback..
  16. Hi, This might be a very noob question, but I am still in learning of Houdini and I am stuck at this one point. Basically I got a ring of points that I want to copy a bent geometry to. However the twist/ bend sop only bend in one direction, so the same thing happens when I copy it over. My goal is to get them all to bend out from the circle and with a bend going downwards. Any suggestions on how I can do it? I have attached some images that might help explain what I want. Thanks..
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