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Found 5 results

  1. Convert curve to mesh overlapping mesh

    Hello fellas, I have been trying to create a simple shape using the curve sop and then the intention is to convert to mesh, extrude it and use the ray sop. However, once I convert the curve to mesh, some of the polys on the new mesh overlap each other. I have been trying so many ways to solve this but so far I haven't succeeded. Attached are the images showing what i'm seeing here. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. My first post - YES! What would be the best way to use "copy to points" (or SOP / VEX alternative) that will copy random sized boxes (i.e. shelf of books of various thickness or a black of attached homes) onto the curve but move/offset the position so that the objects do not overlap. I assume I would need to use a foreach statement to do the check but. I watched a couple of tutorials on how to create a bookshelf but they assume that all the books are the same size and fit within the resample space.
  3. Hello! I got a very simple setup here... it's a cross shape with 2 primitives... one diagonal another vertical. How can I fuse/fix/clean this so there are no overlapping primitives? I tried clean/facet/divide/triangluate2d/polydoctor with no success... fix_overlapping.hipnc
  4. Hello. I was wondering – can anyone think of a way to compute a SSS point cloud that treats closed, overlapping geometry as a single volume. I have meshes that would be very tedious to unify, and I doubt poly -> VDB -> union -> poly -> reduce can give me a crisp enough result. Alas I don't have enough insight into the workings of how SSS point clouds are mapped onto polygonal geometry, but wondered if a volumetric approximation of the meshes with sufficient resolution could serve as the basis (somehow). Any ideas / suggestions welcome.
  5. Overlapping holes [SOLVED]

    Hi there, could I pick your brain about what would be the best approach, or even a working approach to achieve this: I need to punch a bunch of holes (square shaped) into a box (red square in the picture). A large box 250meter side and 2 meters height, I mention the size of it because I tried to use vdbs to achieve this, but since I need accurate results, the vdb approach is just not working with such a difference in the dimensions (250x250x2) (or could it?). Also, the holes are overlapping (see picture attached) In other 3d applications, I would work it on a curve level and then extrude it, but I just can't find a way to do that in Houdini :/ At least not procedurally. I need it procedural, as the holes are placed on points via a copySOP, and they will eventually change. I'm attaching a hip file to better expose my goal. Thanks in advance overlapping_holes.hipnc