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Found 4 results

  1. Carving Mesh Surfaces

    Here is a method to carve mesh surfaces with extrusions, gaps, holes, profiles based on their distance from curves or polygons. Projecting curves or polygons on a primitive. Measuring distance with xyzdist(). Distance rings done with polygon cutting. Carving in various profiles with ramps. profiles_2.hipnc
  2. Hello everybody, What would be the best way to approach the effect like the reference images? I would like to have some sort of control to blend solid parts and drilled parts like in the second image.
  3. Hey guys, I'm ripping a mesh using the Granular Sheet method but i'm getting these popping holes around the ripped part. If I use a group + unshared edges i'm able to select all the holes + ripped part. Does anyone knows a way to select only the holes with an n amount of sides? Let's say, holes with less than 8 sides only I would really appreciate any other ideas on how to get rid of the holes. Thank's Alvaro granular sheet - ripping it - Skybar - cap holes.rar
  4. Overlapping holes [SOLVED]

    Hi there, could I pick your brain about what would be the best approach, or even a working approach to achieve this: I need to punch a bunch of holes (square shaped) into a box (red square in the picture). A large box 250meter side and 2 meters height, I mention the size of it because I tried to use vdbs to achieve this, but since I need accurate results, the vdb approach is just not working with such a difference in the dimensions (250x250x2) (or could it?). Also, the holes are overlapping (see picture attached) In other 3d applications, I would work it on a curve level and then extrude it, but I just can't find a way to do that in Houdini :/ At least not procedurally. I need it procedural, as the holes are placed on points via a copySOP, and they will eventually change. I'm attaching a hip file to better expose my goal. Thanks in advance overlapping_holes.hipnc