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Found 3 results

  1. compare attributes in VEX

    Hi, I'm a newbie in Houdini and vex, with basic knoledge of programming. I want to create vertex between points from 2 different objects, using vex. The look will be the Plexus style with the difference that I don't want the points to connect from each other when they are from the same geometry. I followed a tutorial from Entagma to help me. The question is : How do I get and compare an attribute from 2 points ? I tried to use pointattrib() to compare an attribute "myobj" that I created before but I don't have enought kwnolege yet to use it well. //__ List of the closest points int pnt_near[] = nearpoints(0, @P,dist, maxpoints); foreach(int pnt; pnt_near){ //__ condition if pnt and @ptnum do not share the same value of the attribute myobj if(pointattrib(0, myobj, pnt, 0) != pointattrib(0, myobj, @ptnum, 0) { int myprim = addprim(0,"polyline"); addvertex(0, myprim, pnt); addvertex(0, myprim, @ptnum); } } I don't know if it's the best way, so I'll be happy to hear any solution from you. Thanks, Charles plexus_attribute.hip
  2. I'm a bit confused as to which VEX functions these two nodes have access to? Is this noted in the documentation anywhere? For example I can create geometry in an attribWrangle node using addPoint(), addPrim() and addVertex(), however these functions don't seem to work in the pointWrangle. And I can create groups using the addgroup() function in a pointWrangle node but this is not recognised in the attribWrangle node....