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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have rbd object emit from DOP particle, and I scale each rbd over time by @age. But I want them to stop scale at a certain amount because I feel like they are big enough. How do I make them stop at the red marker size? Thanks in advance, Candy_FireWork.hip
  2. Hi everyone, I've imported an animated camera from Maya to Houdini, but I would like to scale it along with the geometry in order to keep the proportions. Basically, I want the final proportions to match the ones that geometry and camera have if I remove the transform node “transform1” before the GEO_OUT. Thanks in advance! Alley_test_03.hipnc
  3. I want to scale my packed primitives over time while they are simulated. In the attached hip file you can see I import the @active attribute successfully with a sop solver so that they are active around frame 70. In addition I want to scale them up first from e.g. 5% to 100% and update the transformation in dops. Unfortunately I cant get it to work. I´m not able to merge the transforms into dops in a way that it behaves correct. I also tried it with intrinsics "transform" attribute but without luck. I guess it has to be a combination with "transform" attribute and @P but there I got problems with the pivot and I wasn´t able to get correct results. I would be thankful for some help. kind regards jon scalePackedPrim_01.hip
  4. Bullet and scale

    Hi, I'm experiementing a bit with bullet and fracturing and did some simple tests. If I know it correctly then the simulation base unit in Houdini is meter, so 1 unit (e.g. a basic polybox) is 1 meter large. If I now try to simulate real geometry like a bottle or a cup of tea, then my geometry is maybe only 0.3 units large for a bottle. These are my results: First, the real size, 0.3 units large, no substeps, convex collision geo: bullet_01_convex.mov As we can see, the collisions are quite inaccurate and the simulation is jittering a lot. That's simply because the collsion geo is inaccurate. So I switched to concave and tried again. bullet_01.mov That's more accurate but still jittering a lot. So I switched back to convex and modified the collision padding to get a better representation. bullet_01_convex_collpad.mov Collision is better, but we still have a lot of movement in the geometry. So maybe it helps to increase substeps? I increased them to 10 on the dop node. bullet_01_convex_collpad_sub.mov As you can see that was not such a good idea, the parts are jumping around like crazy. So Now I started with an increased scaling of the geometry and increasing the gravity at the same time twice, once with convex once with concave. bullet_02_concave.mov bullet_02_convex.mov Now the convex sim starts to look better. Just for testing, I increased the scaling up to 3 and did it again: bullet_03_concave.mov bullet_03_convex.mov Looks very much better. Now I tried with my real geometry: bullet_04_concave.mov still some jittering, and not enough bounce, so I increased the bounce. bullet_04_convex_bounce.mov And a bit more bouncing. bullet_04_convex_bounceHi.mov Now it looks more the way I want it. So my final conclusion is: Even if it may be physically correct to simulate a 30 cm bottle in real size, the only way to make it work as expected is to scale it up several times, simulate and scale it back down. Is this correct and can anyone confirm this? Maybe I'm completly wrong and simply missed some of the many settings in Houdini so I attached my scene. Here the uniform scaling of "transform6" node in the "alembic" network is connected to gravity to make it automatically higher if the geometry grows and bounce of groudplane and geo is higher than default. Scene file: bottle.zip bullet_01_convex_hull.mov