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Found 3 results

  1. OPmenu issue

    Hi Guys, First post since I joined odforce. I am trying to make a tool which could create filecache node on the right click of a null node. The moment I hover my cursor on the "mdu" option, before clicking it's creating filecache node. Its a submenu option, so I think I am missing some thing important. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <menuDocument> <menu> <subMenu> <label>mdu</label> <actionItem id = "create.rop.node"> <labelExpression><![CDATA[ node = kwargs['node'] result = 'Create Rop Node' sel = hou.selectedNodes()[0] if sel.type().name() == 'null': selName = sel.name().split("_") joinName = "_".join(selName) nodeName = joinName.replace('OUT_',"") if selName[0] == 'OUT': nodePath = sel.path() node = hou.node(nodePath) node.createOutputNode("filecache",nodeName) else: raise hou.Error("Invalid Node name") else: print sel.name() + " is not valid for cache" result = u"\u2713 " + result return result ]]></labelExpression> <context> <expression>kwargs["node"].type().category().name() in ("Sop")</expression> </context> </actionItem> </subMenu> </menu> </menuDocument> Thanks
  2. MainMenuCommon.xml Hotkeys

    Heya, I've created a custom menu tool and added it to the menu using the MainMenuCommon.xml file - is there a way of soft-setting a hotkey to it within the xml, i.e. for multiuser project-based deployment? I'm thinking that adding the HotkeyOverrides file might work but if it's possible to keep it all contained in the single xml file that would be far tidier.
  3. Or maybe I'm missing something? Can I extract "identyficator" or "type" somehow from this code? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <Nodes> <SOP> <Node identyficator="0"> <Defaults> <Name type="internal">hdk_sop_foo</Name> <Name type ="external">SOP Foo</Name> <Name type="iconname">SOP_Foo</Name> <Name type="iconextension">svg</Name> <Name type="version">1.0</Name> </Defaults> <Parameters> <Parm identyficator="0"> <Name type="internal"></Name> <Name type="external"></Name> </Parm> <Parm identyficator="1"> <Name type="internal"></Name> <Name type="external"></Name> </Parm> </Parameters> </Node> </SOP> <DOP> </DOP> </Nodes> There are only four methods available in UT_XMLNode, and it doesn't look that any of it gives access to attributes.And what is getContents() method returning? WTF is this? I always get blank string with it, so what should be specified in the node to get some data with it?Thanks!