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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Guys, I am new to Houdini. Watched a lot of tutorials, but still can't find a way to project road onto surface / height field. To be more correct I can protect a road mask or road geometry, and it follows the main surface curvature. Which is fine. What I want is that roads cross section stays horizontal? Thank you RoadProject.zip
  2. Hello everyone, I am quite new to Houdini and currently working on a project to generate a dripstone cave. I thies processes I wanted to try out different approaches to generate dripstones. Currently I am using pop simulation but I would highly prefer to have a fluid simulation for the stalagmites. I need to create a Fluid that behaves a bit like wax and "freezes" / becomes solid as soon as it impacts with a surface (not instantly but after some time). Furthermore the next "drop" should solidify after touching the first drop and so on. Breakdown: 1. One drop at a time (like a dripping faucet) 2. Each drop should become solid after touching a solid object/ or the previous solid drop 3. They should stack up to form a pillar/stalagmite like structure thanks in andvance, Denis
  3. Finally, 2 years later... we are now allowed to talk about it. https://www.jordibares.com/post/2018-07-07/champions-league-rebrand/ The text is a bit lame but it is the only we are allowed to use... sorry guys.
  4. Project very slow to open?

    Using Houdini FX 16.5.268, created a project with a lot of particles and ran some previews in the timeline, export as alembic to C4D which worked great. However upon re-opening the same project, a "DOP Cook" has to go through all 135 frames and takes a long time to complete. I'm very recent (noob) to Houdini, and am wondering if there is a way to open without the DOP Cook thing running? I can hit Esc to cancel, but my nodes all appear with red triangles behind them and I'm not sure if this is good or bad (breaks simulation or something not advisable?). Any pointers would be very much appreciated, thanks for your time helping the lesser of us Houdini users .
  5. Volume density from texture?

    Hello magicians, I saw a great image by Lee Griggs the other day and I tried to replicate, here is the original effect He did it with Arnold (i think in maya), by projecting a texture into a volume density, here is some explanation https://support.solidangle.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=55710284 I didnt know how to project a texture into density, so I projected a texture, the deleted by color and converted that into vdb > fog, but that way I don't get any depth, any ideas? I've read about a rest field that does something like UV on volumes but cant figure out how Here are my attempts: Hip file attached, Cheers! volnoise3.hip
  6. MainMenuCommon.xml Hotkeys

    Heya, I've created a custom menu tool and added it to the menu using the MainMenuCommon.xml file - is there a way of soft-setting a hotkey to it within the xml, i.e. for multiuser project-based deployment? I'm thinking that adding the HotkeyOverrides file might work but if it's possible to keep it all contained in the single xml file that would be far tidier.
  7. Hi, I'd like to have some dynamic objects, or particles and then project the uv's at a certain frame, it can be the last frame and then I want them to be locked to the geometry to from this frame and the first. I tried with rest node but I could not achieve what I want. Can you help me? I sent a file with a example with some spheres. uvs_lastframe.hiplc
  8. Camera Project onto particles

    I have a particle sim in a bgeo cache that needs to be rendered with a camera projection. I have already figured out how to project the image onto the particles but they will swim through the image. The particles have UV's already but they still swim through the image.
  9. Hi, Is there a way to set $JOB accorsding to $HIP? Say, I have Project /scene /render /cache My $HIP is /Project/scene Can I set $JOB to $HIP/../ ? I use both Win and Linux, I have to set $JOB by hand everytime I open in diffrent OS. Thanks!
  10. In a fit of crazy love I promised my girlfriend a million butterflies. That's a big order. A million particles is no biggie, but a discernible butterfly is on the order of thousands of pixels. I thought I knew how big a million was... until I did the math. 100,000 doesn't sound quite as romantic, does it? Whoops. Well, here I go. It's still in progress, and in the early stages. I want to lay out the things I've learned so far, but all I have time for right now is an early test of variations in the wing designs. And it's still very much in progress. The colors are solid and the venation on the wings is a little fake. The colors aren't great. Also there's no body or antennae. Don't forget to watch full screen in HD, please.