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Houdini 11 and Ptex

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Thanks for answers!


I just tested the same scene here on ubuntu and it works fine. I don't get any warnings/errors/etc. Perhaps it's a windows only problem?


Yes, probably.. tried this scene on the second computer with better performance, on same windows 7 - render goes to the middle, but still breaks by console with an errors.

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oddly enough, I got those warnings later but my renders never stopped... I'm not sure why yours are crashing. @calix, I used the mantra surface material and I built my own and they both worked. I'll upload my file tomorrow. Your teapot doesn't look right :).


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yeah it's weird, it was rendering fine for me at first and then I changed something and it just rendered into the red channel. I didn't have time to troubleshoot it :). Besides, red teapots are cool... ;)

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I also have problems with the ptex sample files. The textures don't get assigned correctly...


The bunny is intended to be rendered as a Loop subdivision surface. Mantra doesn't support this type of subdivision surface. If you render as polygons, prman doesn't render the texture correctly either.

It does seem that the polygons of a .obj file import need to be reversed to render correctly though.

I've attached an updated version of the teapot example from the ptex web site. Hope this helps (there's a .hip file in there).


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I found the reason why 3d-coat PTex dosen't work in houdini. It´s because .obj format. Right now 3d-coat writes it as:

f v1/vt1/vn1 v2/vt2/vn2 v3/vt3/vn3 ... (which is correct way but houdini has some problems to understand it when used with Ptex)

if I change it into this:

f v1//vn1 v2//vn2 v3//vn3 ... (samples from ptex.us use this way)

It works and I get beatiful Ptextures. It seams that it's more houdini issue than 3d-coat. Hope we can find a solution.

It's not so hard to write a script to change the .obj file but it should not have this kind of issue in the first place. Thanks.

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