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shader question

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my sys config is Intel core 2 quad cpu q9000-8gb ram-win 64

I tried other shaders sometime before,and it was ok.

now something seems wrong and its really very slow

I m trying to render using pbr and half hd resolution of 1280x720

its almost a hour now and still 1 frame is not rendered :(

it seemed to work well in ipr

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Another thing that gos hand and hand with system specs is what is in your scene.

Also a look at the shader would help, encase your doing extra work in there, but that is a smaller likely hood. Something like having blur samples up to ten in a scene where it is not being used, and then putting it in a scene where it is needed would cause a big hit.

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Going out on a limb here, but maybe the pointcloud path in your multiSSS VOP is pointing to somewhere bad?

thanks for the reply.but sss pointclouds are pointing to the right directory and file

i did the shader in H11.

and i have a thought that h12 doesnt have single or multiple SSS nodes? may be because of that?

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