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Camera transfer Maya > Houdini

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Hello everyone. I am trying to import my Maya camera to Houdini. Both .FBX and Alembic almost work: camera is transfered but i get a jitter on the whole motion. Anybody experienced this? I found about mt_tools but I cant try them. The author is re-writing them (https://sites.google.com/site/freecgtools/downloads). Thank you

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In the following link you will find: the Maya scene with the camera and prop geometry, the Alembic cache export, the Houdini file and the plate of my scene in 640x360. Try to open both Maya and Houdini and see the difference.


Thank you very much

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There was no plate so I couldn't look at the track in H, and I couldn't get the geometry to show in maya. :P

However keep in mind that when houdini imports cameras as alembic, you will manually have to set the resolution since it defaults to 640x480. If that isn't the problem I dont know, I never had any problems with alembic cameras from maya...

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