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Earth from Space


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Hi siepiau!

Man, your words mean a lot to me! You were one of my biggest research "go to" and I read your blog several times. I find your images and all the thought put into them simple amazing!!!

Yeap, I did end up this image, not the entire project associated... maybe one day, who knows!

Thanks again!

Hi Kleer001!

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

Well... the grain. Two reasons (but only one really valid ;) )

1 - In the beginning, when this image was supposed to make part of a bigger project, my goal in terms of look was that it should be 60's like. So I went, read a bit about it, how the film/negative processing changed colour, about scratches and so on and grain and... decided to apply a bit of grain to get the feel that it was shot on camera, in another time (I know, the Hubble didn't existed back in the 60's but...)

2 - me applying grain... I went over the top! You know the moment when you're applying something and the rational part of your brain keeps saying "keep it real. Don't add to much (flare, grain, glow...)" but you keep on looking and going like "I can increase a tad more..." Yeah, that's me! I (now) agree that a bit less would be optimal! ;)

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Hi Brice!

Thanks for your words and comment!

yeah, the grain... I totally agree... I will (one of these days, if I have enough time) resurrect the Nuke script and take down a notch the grain... and maybe render out a 720 version of the animated version... which is not that amazing, I mean, the idea was to start a short with it by adding some suspense to it...

So, picture that image, without any shadows on the Hubble and it goes like that for a couple of seconds, so nothing much you would imagine. And then... a shadow starts to occlude the Hubble, growing fast until it is completely under the dark shadow... (that looms over Earth ahahahaha -> evil laughter!!!)

You get the picture ;)



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