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Aloe Vera


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It was supposed to be an entry for splash screen but unfortunately I couldn't finish it on time with deadlines at work.

So here is work in progress of my 100% procedural Aloe vera, first test render from Houdini 13 with ray traced SSS which increased render speed drastically from H12.

Straight from mantra.



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Thank you!

Still need to tweak spider webs, add some droplets, better camera and lighting ;]

Really nice !

Did you have any help for the shading part ? like tutorial ?

Because I woulk like to render a big leaf in close-up but I never used SSS within Houdini.

So if you have good stuff to share, it would be great !!!

I haven't created any tutorial on shading part.

For SSS I have used Physical SSS vex node initially with pointcloud (H12) and raytraced in that case (H13).

I don't mind creating tutorial/explanation in a free time but at this moment i am little bit busy with deadlines :)

Amazing work! Any chance of a 1920x1080 for a desktop image ;)

Thanks!, I am rerendering it on my laptop atm ;]

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Guest mantragora

Man, I understand that you are using Mac and that's why you may think this is HD, but in Windows world this barely fills half of my monitor resolution when not stretched and it's not even 720p. Can you provide FULL HD version that the rest of civilized world is using, please? ;)

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