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Wetmap on moving geometry


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I'm struggling a bit with an unforseen problem. I'm quite new to Houdini and have never made a wetmap before but I understand [or thought I did] the principles involved but now I'm trying to transfer a 'dopwet' attribute to a 'wet' attribute on points scattered on my geometry [specifically, this is my setup -



 I thought I was going to hit a problem earlier on with the scatter SOP but it copes fine with the geometry moving but I can't figure out how to get a solver SOP to use moving input points. I'm transferring the dopwet attribute in a VOPSOP in my SOP solver and it's accumulating correctly but on static input geo.


Can anyone give me some pointers? Thanks very much in advance..

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well, the principles of a wetmaps are well explained but on things worse: in the projectfile as well in the Videosolution the wetmap is ealier present as the drop (or whatelse) is hitting the ground. There are few areas wich own a wetmap but never become wet before. Also tuning the bias wont help. I do the tut by myself in the  moment and I start to despairt.


Have anyone a solution for that?


Thanks in advance.

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