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VOP POP and POP wrangle


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I have been experimenting with particle in Houdini 13 and there are a few problems that I am facing especially with getting attributes from second input geometry.


My question is how do I get attributes which are on my second input geo into my VOP POP.


Here is how far I have gotten -


1. Connect a grid into input one into POP network and a sphere into second input.

2. Emit particles

3. Add a VOP POP and in Inputs select in input 1 "second context geometry"

4. Go into VOP POP. Add a get attribute.

5. Connect Opintput 1 into  file input of "get attribute"


now comes the problem. I can only access one point. How do I get the point/ primitive numbers($PT/$PR) of the Sphere into vop pop. It lets me access one point but how do I access all the points. If I connect the ptnum from the globals, will that do it or does that belong to the main geo/particles. 


At SOP level in VOPS there is "import attribute" node. that has a OP input index which makes it very simple.


Tried using a Point cloud . I was following a tut. used the "opfullpath" function but even that doesn't seem to work. 


Tried to do the same thing with Wrangle POP.  used "@P = point(1, "P", @ptnum)" so that worked.


But VOP POP is still an issue.


any help will be most appreciated.


Following a lot of the old particle tuts in the new context are beginning to be a problem due to the changes made in H13.



Rohan Dalvi






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You select the point you want to import with the i1 input on the get attribute node.


If you pipe you global ptnum there...

point 0 in your "main" geometry will fetch the position of point 0 in the second input... 

point 1 in your "main" geometry will fetch the position of point 1 in the second input...

...And so on...


This is the same as point(1, "P", @ptnum)

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great thanks,


I was also experimenting with new pops and found that it worked fine with the new pop system. 


I have some older pop networks that I am trying to keep alive.  Is there a way to do this with old pops so I don't have to port everything over?


Maybe old pops are just old and should not be used anymore...but the nodes are the same in the vop pops and one would think they should work the same.

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