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a faster ray SOP


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Hio, I'm finding that I love love love the ray SOP, but it's too slow.

The Point Wrangle SOP, lovely as it is, is a little opaque to me. I don't have a lot of VEX experience.

But what I think I need is the "rayhittest" function, but I can't seem to get it to work. I get the error "Call to undefined function 'rayhittest'..."


See attached.




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In an effort to learn some VEX I figured out how to use Intersect in a Point Wrangle. It's a bit different than using the same in a VOPSOP where it is very straightforward in my opinion. It got very basic functionality versus the Ray SOP, and it may not be very clean, but I'm sharing my result anyway:

int hitprim;
int input;
vector pos;
float hitu;
float hitv;
vector dist;
vector lift;
float maxdist;
vector scale;
input = 1; //which input to collide with
dist = @N * 1; //the length of N is distance of the ray, so multiply to increase distance
lift = @N * 0; //the amount to lift after points have been rayed
maxdist = clamp(length(@N), 0, 1); //if you want a max distance
scale = 1; //scale of the operation
i@hitprim = intersect(input, @P, dist * maxdist, v@pos, f@hitu, f@hitv);
@P = (((@pos + lift) - @P)*scale)+@P;
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