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sand solver for H13

Artem Smirnov

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Hi. It seems that everyone these days make the sand solvers.
This is the demonstration of a custom sand solver I have developed for Melnitsa Animation. It is erosion based solver.
Mostly implemented with vex. Part of collision algorithm is writen in c++. There are also vex and c++ implementation of erosion nodes. Vex is faster but c++ is more accurate.

It can't produce small nice details as sideFx pbd solver in houdini 14, but it is faster and works in certan situations.

- Fast
- Stable
- Produce predictable results
- not physically correct
- not all types of concave collision objects are supported
- it is not all-purpose solver


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Yes. There will be a new pbd solver in houdini 14. And, obviously, I cant compete with sesi :), they are just too stunning. I just posted this to show that everything you can imagine is possible in houdini. You can assemble anything, even if it is not in the feature list. Also my solver have very different underlying principles then sesi pbd solver.

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