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Displaced Tubes


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I have put together a more complex rig for wrapping displaced tubes around a central core/trunk. The base geometry remains the same in each of these images. The only thing changing are the displace maps and AO maps applied.






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I don't mind at all, I am attaching the HIP I made the latest coiled images with. I just converted the helix generation from hScript expression to VEX code. Keep in mind that what really drives this effect are the synchronized AO and baked depth maps.


There is a great thread on BlenderArtists, but you have to sign up and login to see all the images. (NOTE: There are over 70 pages of information there).

Sculpting with UVs and displacements.


Here is a link for the displace and AO map I used on the first ORANGE/BLUE image. (other maps are available on BlenderArtist)




Open the HIP file and select the null_CONTROLS node. Populate the AO Map and Displace Map fields with the images from the CYCLES DISPLACEMENT link above. Increase Resolution Length for more detailed displacements. Houdini goes off into la-la land if you set this too high. The images I posted were set to 1024, but the file opens up with a modest 128.


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Yeah, BlenderArtists.org has updated their forum. This caused external links to break.

Feel free to browse the master thread on the topic.


I posted some new maps at the end of the thread so you can use them to explore DISP and AO mapping.

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