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Selfmade image blur filter

konstantin magnus

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Could anyone please give me some advice on how to program a simple box filter in COPs using python or VEX? Basically calculating the average of every pixel and its immediate surrounding pixels over and over again?

I created one in a VOPCOP2filter, but due to the lack of a foreach-node in COPs I cant repeat it multiple times without copying nodes over and over again (see attachment).


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You have to loop through samples. Fortunately a lot of COP nodes are written in VEX (I assume by our legendary Mark?) that you can check out to learn how to write your own box blur. I think Radial Blur should be the closest to what you need.

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@yader: i solved other tasks with vops and wanted to replace 'premade' nodes by custom ones (mainly for learning reasons, the feeling to know whats happening and for having it done by myself : )

@eetu: afaik for-loops dont loop over the latest result but just over the same input again and again?

@magneto: great hint!


thank you for the answers!

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Ah yeah, sorry, I read too fast. I thought you wanted a loop for taking many samples/taps for the blur.


For a special case you could set up a feedback loop with file write/read, but it doesn't really suit a general purpose node ;)

Or, you could make it an HDA with a few of those VOP nodes inside, but that would of course mean a fixed number of passes..

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