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Art Directing RBD in Post


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I've come across this awesome video and paper.

So I decided to try to implement it into Houdini as it seems very efficient way to do RBDs.

I think that I almost have it, but I am encountering strange problem with Transform Pieces node.

I have managed to "upres" it once but when I use the same workflow to add another layer it behaves very strange.

Please could you have a look on my file and check it?


(also if you notice something inefficient in my implementation please suggest better solution :) )





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thank you for your replies. But I still have problems with this Transform pieces node. In first stage of "upres" it works like expected. However if I use the same setup to add another "upres" it doesn't do its job correctly. The name attribute is correct and there is same amount of pieces and points.


Any clues?

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I'm sorry I was misunderstanding ur question. So I find if the points in rbd sim is using deform data that the point's v, w and orient would be 0, so I think that makes Transform pieces node not working properly.


I will try to have 2 separate group with active and deform one, then active group transform pieces with new sim's point data, deform one with old one.

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I have been trying to get my head around Transform Pieces workflow. So I tried to manualy generate orient attribute and then use it to drive Transform Pieces. It matches original closely but there is slight offset.


Solid geometry is transformed and templated is original.




Any ideas what is causing that?


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And I learned a lot too by repeating other people work. Thanks for the smart solution of dealing with impacts. Used it in a homebrew impact analysis SOP.




I experienced slight offseting of dop-imported geometry too. "Solve On Creation Frame" checkbox on RBD Packed Object DOP fixed this problem, but I have no idea what causing it. Maybe certain intrinsic attributes on packed fragments combined with side effects of secondary simulation. I've downloaded your scene, but you managed your simulation in a different manner and this option was already turned on, not fixing anything.


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