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Head WIP


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Hi ..

After playing around with houdini modeling tools for a few weeks, i decided to do small head modeling .

I found the original marquett from internet .I can't remember the name of the original artist . :ph34r:

Two hours of modeling


critique please :)

Edited Check the last post (to save the odforce space)

edited ..Can i export my model to obj?I have a access to zbrush so wondering if i can use displacement map? :unsure:

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Hey there. I'd say it's a bit early to crit but you seem to be doing ok so far. You can export your model in a bunch of formats from Apprentice. Right click on your SOP and Save Geometry. :)


wow .. sweet .. didn't know that you can export model into different format.

For my model , yeh it is in pretty early stage .I am posting here to lock myself in one model. :huh: Too many unfinished model in my 3d folder :ph34r:

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Nice start,

a few workflow tips;

a ) Have u tried playing with the different view-types available in the nodes? they really help with modelling a lot...

b ) Also say u mirror ur geometry and u find that the points dont completely merge use a facet sop that merges points together... hope this helps

c ) subdivison is ur friend :) try subdividing once to see how ur loops are flowing....


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I have spent two hours so far .I think proportion is alittle bit off in the lower region..


a few questions :)

How to adjust the polyextrude setting so that it won't face the opposite direction ?

Any qucik way to change the plastic shader on my model to lambert shader?(i know i am too lazy to look at help)

Why can't I select anything after I press Esc?

I have no idea how to assign my hotkey on sclupt tool from edit sop.

ctrl +alt+ shift didn't work.. :ph34r:

Thanks alot ..please feel free to critique my model. :D

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small update

a few small tweaks.I don't know but my houdini start slowing down with mirror subdivide SOP.

keltuzar : thanks for your comments.I am having a hard time with sclupt tools from edit SOP.I

coulnd't easliy get the brush setting the way i want.

Any tips on how can i setup hotkeys for function inside SOP.I mean ctrl +alt+shift doesn't work .


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here u go check out this vid from sidefx ; The Hotkey Manager http://sidefx.vislab.usyd.edu.au/houdini_v...eral/index.html


The F-keys are able to be bound to hscript. If you bring up the Variables and Aliases window, you'll be able to alias F1 to some commands.

You can also set these in the textport, e.g

alias F5  message "hello!"

When writing scripts for hotkeys like this, the mousepane() and mousepath() expressions are particularly powerful.



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arr .. this is my sort of final image .

I know I need to add more detailed and stuff but i also have to work on my demo reel.

Ehh.. I need to find a job or I will have to go back home. :angry:

Please give some comment and suggestion on this model .Sometimes I feel like I am in wrong forum. :P


Now i have to learn UVing ,detailing in zbrush and rendering , :unsure:

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Look ok so far. If your still having troble with the modeling side check out 3dbuzz.com they have houdini modeling tutorial specifically on heads. Also for the UV coordinates. As much as I hate giving Maya credit for anything, their UV editor is very easy and fast to work with (and your not building up lots of nodes). I'll usually lay my UV's out in there and then export as a .obj file back to houdini. Especially for something like a face with lots of edits to your UV's. That retains all your coordinates. Does anyone know how to access the "UV Editor" in Houdini? I have never been able to find it. Good luck.


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hit space+5 in a viewport to switch it to the uv viewport. Then just lay down a uv edit SOP (assuming you have uv's to begin with) and start editing away. One SOP does all the edits.

If you don't have uv's, then uvproject or uvtexture to project them on and then put down a uvedit SOP.

easy peasy.


P.S To save your uv's out for texture painting, right-click the SOP and select "Save texture UV to image".

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