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Problem exporting; Does Obj exports differently from Houdini then from other software?

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The messed up one is exported directly from Houdini, then imported into SBP.

The good one is exported from Houdini, imported in 3D coat, exported from 3D coat, and imported in SBP.

Also read this: http://forums.toonboom.com/storyboard-pro/support-and-troubleshooting/problem-importing-obj-file-houdini#comment-40237


Thanks in advance :)

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9 minutes ago, DévinOdforce said:

But that doesn't work, in the toonboom thread you even see me just exporting a clean plain box from Houdini, and it is still messed up somehow 

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The Houdini OBJ exporter is kind of unique. They group all the vertices up front in the file then map out faces from that master vertices list. Most other exporters group the vertices with the faces in the file. This causes some programs to read in the file wrong or incompletely.

I have written a "fix-up" routine that you can place in the Post-Write event of a ROP Output Driver. This will re-write the OBJ file into a more standard format, per-frame, upon export.

You can check out more info here:


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