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Typical day for a Houdini Artist/ FX TD?

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I'm guessing there might be differences between a pure houdini artist and an fx td - what's the day to day like? Are you spending half the day understanding/solving problems outside of the program, or are you mostly in the program, or mostly talking to other people?

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Right now, for FX, I usually check odforce and vimeo first thing in the morning. I'll usually check these throughout the day as well whenever I'm waiting for something. Then I'll open Houdini where I spend 95% of my day in, and 5% in Fusion. This is highly dependent what project I'm on and what stage in the process I am in; my last project was like 98% Fusion and 2% Houdini. Excluding meetings, grabbing coffee and smoking of course - which usually happens when I'm waiting for something anyway.

Solving problems related to Houdini all happens in Houdini for me, don't know if theres really any other way to do it, if it's not for coding or something which I never do. And I don't know what you mean by "mostly talking to other people", but if it's not related to work and it is taking up most of your time - you're doing it wrong.


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For Houdini Artistry, every morning I synchronize to the latest build of our custom software, check my emails and todo list for new/current tasks.
Then I do them :P. Its like 85-90% working in Houdini, and the rest is working in our own software and walking around, discussing with other people what they need/what I need from them.

But yeah during long cooking times/and downloading our software/reloading terrain, I spend most of my time on Odforce, mostly for inspiration, while having some music in the background.

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60% working (making new things, figuring out someone else's rig, applying notes, optimizing workflow)

15% helping other artists / getting help from other artists

10% dailies (80% waiting for my shot, 20% discussing my shot, on bad days)

10% basic human needs (bathroom breaks, eating, going for a short walk around the block)

5% logging studio bugs, following up with previous bugs, reading documentation, writing documentation

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